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Creative organics is proud to offer our clients complete landscape design services from start to finish. We will work closely with you to design the perfect landscape to suit the style of your home or business.

A proper, and well thought out design is the most important aspect of any landscaping project.

At Creative organics, our landscape design experts have years of experience designing beautiful, functional landscapes for both residential and commercial properties.
Famous Landscape/Garden Designer Rev David Coles states that “successful garden designs enable transcendence from a physical sensory experience to a mindful awareness of being interconnected with nature.” Garden/Landscape design involves the design and layout out of the style, hardscaping, softscaping, colours, plant species, and material choices that are to be involved in the garden/landscape. After the budget and timeline have been ascertained, the design is completed first electronically and then reviewed with the client. During this review process, final decisions are made on materials, features, placement, plant species, and lighting. Once a design is finalized by the client, construction may commence.

While there are numerous styles, methods, and layout possibilities in modern landscaping and garden design. Given Ontario’s highly variable climate, there are certain commonalities that will often be seen in Southern Ontario landscape design, for example, perennials, due to their year-round survivability, are a common choice for plant life. Outdoor water features, while somewhat commonplace, are not typically AS common in Ontario and Canada as they are in other parts of the world, due to the necessary winter maintenance and closure of such features.

Some of the most commonly requested design styles we come across in Southern Ontario are:

Eco-Friendly Designs – A specialty of Creative Organics, Eco-Friendly landscapes them. Usage of organics is a strong consideration in Eco-Friendly Gardens. These types of gardens are wildlife friendly and are designed to attract certain local wildlife. Usage of sustainable materials is also a strong consideration in this type of garden. Wildflowers are often used as the primary plant life in an Eco-Friendly garden. Water features such as small ponds or ornamental fountains are also often included in this type of design as an incentive to attract wildlife.

Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs

Modern Designs – The most common type of landscape and garden design found in Ontario, with strong use of hardscaping, incorporating geometry, shapes, and strong corners, this type of garden is well suited to a modern style home or commercial business. Gardens are often tiered, and are suited to the welcoming indoor-outdoor lifestyle that these modern types of gardens strive for. Lighting is often an important aspect in modern gardens, with many types of modern and colored lighting often used. Modern water features such as waterfalls or modern art fountains are often included.

Mordern Style Landscape

English & Cottage Style Landscape/Gardens – Another popular garden type, this garden focuses on the use of colorful flowers such as rose bushes. Inspired by the “classic” English garden, this style of garden involves much more softscaping than the hardscaping that would be seen in a more modern garden. Rough stone walkways and colorful ornamental flowers are the primary features found in this style of landscape/garden.

English & Cottage Style Landscape/Gardens

Asian/Japanese Style Landscape/Gardens – Inspired by classical Asian and Japanese gardens, this style of landscape/garden is known worldwide for its beauty. Carefully groomed rock gardens are a common feature, as are water features, such as small ponds, often containing Goldfish, Carp, or other Japanese fish. Meandering paths and stone lanterns are normally strewn throughout the garden so that it may be enjoyed to the fullest. Plant life often includes maples, cherry blossom trees, and rhododendrons.

Asian/Japanese Style Landscape/Gardens

While these are not the only styles of garden and landscape design, they are among the most common we see in Southern Ontario, other common garden/landscaping styles include:

Desert Style Gardens – Featuring a variety of cacti and sand/rock hardscaping/softscaping features.
Classical/Mediterranean Style Gardens – Featuring herbs, vines, and classical hardscaping such as pillars and columns.
Colonial Revival Style Gardens – Typically features by simple rectangular flower beds, straight pathways, and perennial plants.

No matter what your choice or preference in landscape/garden design, Creative Organics can accommodate your needs. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to get started!