How to keep your lawn green all summer

A lush green lawn is a welcome sign of summer to any homeowner. But the long days and excessive temperature take a toll any lawn. So how do you combat brown spots and maintain a healthy lawn all summer?

Mow high

Maintain your lawn with grass that is cut to a height of approximately 3 inches. Longer grass has longer roots. The long roots are better able to reach moisture down deep in the soil and this will assist your lawn in surviving the hottest days of summer. Mowing every two weeks and not cutting off more than a third of the lawn’s height helps to ensure optimum growth.

Add Water

Like all living things, your lawn is healthiest when it’s well hydrated. To stay green and lush throughout summer the best time to water is in the morning. So get out there early – 5am is ideal. But if early morning watering doesn’t fit into your schedule, a landscaping company can help to install a sprinkler system that can be set on a timer. This will give the soil ample time to absorb the water before it evaporates in the hot afternoon sun.


But how much is too much?

A good soak 2 -3 times a week will help develop a deep root system. Lawns that are watered lightly on a daily basis can develop short roots that struggle to reach water when the summer days are at their hottest. While you are watering, if the water starts to pool or run off you know it’s time to turn off the hose and let the water absorb into the soil.

There are brown patches!!!

It’s bound to happen; brown spots on an otherwise green lawn are definitely an unwelcome sight. Fungal disease from an overly wet environment, scalping from a mower set too low, fertilizer burns, and pet urine are all potential causes of brown patches. Determining the cause of the damaged area will identify what adjustments you need to make you your turf care maintenance routine.