Fall Garden Clean-Up Tips

Fall Garden Clean-Up Tips

Uncover Your Beds

Rake out fallen leaves and weeds from your lawn and garden beds. Covered beds provide a warm home for pests in the winter and create an optimum environment to grow bacteria, fungi, and insect eggs.

Clean Your Gutters

Use a garden trowel and hose to help you clear out leaves, and debris from gutters. Cleaning out blocked gutters before the rain and snow come can help prevent drainage problems and water damage to your home’s roof, walls and foundation.

Prune Your Trees and Hedges

The rule of thumb for optimal pruning time of cedars/junipers is the end of June.  Pruning in the fall while the weather is still warm may encourage new growth. This new growth is still delicate and easily damaged in the upcoming harsh winter weather. However, diseased and damaged branches should be tended to promptly to promote healthy tree growth and prevent breakage during the upcoming snowfalls.

Cut Back Your Perennials and Remove Annuals

Fall is the ideal time to cut back or transplant perennial plants. Fall is also the optimal time to remove flowering annuals from garden beds and planters.

Protect Your Deck

If you don’t have one, make fall the time to rent a power washer. Giving your deck a wash then treatment with a weatherproofing stain will help prevent moisture damage over the winter months.

Fertilize Your Lawn

A regular fertilizing schedule is a key to keeping your lawn looking healthy and lush.  But if you’re only going to fertilize once a year we recommend fertilizing in the fall to promote deep root growth. Strong root development will mean a greener, healthier lawn in the spring.