Importance of Snow Removal for Business Owners

With the trees almost bare and the temperature steadily dropping you can be sure snow is soon to follow. While a white Christmas is usually on everyone’s wish list, being prepared for harsh Ontario winters is a necessity for business owners.


Whether your business is an office building, restaurant, or storefront, owners understand the importance of ensuring the safety of their customers and employees.  Promptly removing snow from parking lots and walkways and minimizing icy surfaces is key to reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.

Customer Experience

Snow cleared parking lots also let customers know you are open for business! If your lot looks snow-covered or slippery customers may choose to go to another establishment.  Taking steps to prevent loss of business during days when the weather is less than inviting can help maintain customer satisfaction. When people have a good experience somewhere, they are likely to frequent the business.

Choosing a commercial snow plow service

Commercial snow plow services have the equipment and experience to clear snow safely.  It’s beneficial to have contracts in place before the first snowfall. When choosing the best commercial snow removal service for your company some considerations are

  • Make sure the contract includes servicing all areas of your property such as walkways and entryways
  • Confirm the contractor’s insurance and liability coverage. Ask for references.
  • Clarify response time details; what’s the minimum amount of snow accumulation?
  • Confirm how fees are calculated. Are de-icing services included?

Answering these questions should help provide you with peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right snow removal contractor to keep your business safe and accessible all season.